What Colors Go With Purple Clothes? [Tips & Ideas]

what colors go with purple clothes

Purple remains one of the most unique, vibrant, and distinct colors that can make you stand out with different outfits. This hue can be both daring and subtle, depending on how it is used. And while purple is often associated with royalty and luxury, it can also be fun and whimsical.

Purple can be a great way to make you stand out, with a simply unique color that can match a lot of different outfits.

But what colors go with purple clothes? It can be tricky to know how to match this rich hue. Here are some tips and ideas that you can use to create purple outfits that will make you look great.

Complimentary Colors

One of the best ways to use purple in a look is to combine it with complementary colors. These are colors and tones that are completely opposite to each other on the color wheel, and they are a great place to start when creating outfits. For purple, the two most common complementary colors are yellow and green.

Yellow is another excellent choice if you want to go for a vibrant, warm, and cheerful look. Pairing yellow and purple together can create an outfit that is both eye-catching and fun.

If you want a more casual and calmly looking outfit, you can consider combining purple with green. This is a perfect color combination if you want to add a splash of vibrant color without going too overboard.

Monochromatic Colors

Another great way to wear purple is by choosing monochromatic colors. Monochromatic colors are similar to each other on the color wheel, and for that reason, they share similar tonalities and complement each other very well. When it comes to purple, some great monochromatic colors include lavender, plum, and eggplant.

Wearing these colors together can create a rich and luxurious look. If you want something a little more subdued, stick to two or three colors from this palette.

For example, you could pair lavender with plum for a soft and romantic look. Or try eggplant with purple for a rich and dramatic ensemble.

Neutral Colors

If you’re not sure what colors go with purple clothes, another great option is to pair them with neutral colors.

These are hues that are neither warm nor cool and can go with just about anything. Black, white, gray, and brown are some of the best neutral colors to combine with your purple outfit.

Wearing neutrals with purple can create a classic and elegant look. Black and purple together always look chic and sophisticated.

For a little more playful look, you can always combine gray or white with purple, what is great about this combination is that it works amazingly well with different shades of purple.

Now that you know what colors go with purple clothes, it’s time to put together the perfect ensemble. With these guidelines in mind, you can create an outfit that is both stylish and unique.

Best Color Combination With Purple

When you are deciding what colors to combine, purple is often one of the tones that are left out because it seems difficult to combine well with other colors. But when used correctly, purple can be a beautiful and complementary color in any design.

Here are some purple color combinations you can consider for your next outfit:

1. Purple and Blue

Purple and blue are one of the classiest combinations, depending on the shades and tones you choose to wear. The reason is that they are opposite colors on the color wheel, which makes them a perfect match. When used together, they create a look that is both regal and calming.

2. Purple and Pink

Purple and pink are another great color combination that will give you a very feminine look, and can be used for a casual look. For a softer look, use pale shades of both colors, and for a more dramatic look, try using rich, jewel tones.

3. Purple and Green

Purple and green is another color combination you can consider that works great in a lot of different ways. For a natural look, use earthy shades of both colors, but if you are going for a more modern look that makes you stand out, you can try using brighter shades.

4. Purple and Yellow

Purple and yellow are a fun and vibrant combination that is perfect for summertime designs. Try using lemon yellow with lavender purple for a cheerful look. Or use daffodil yellow with aubergine purple for a more sophisticated look.

5. Purple and Orange

Purple and orange are a daring combination that is perfect for fall designs. Try using tangerine orange with plum purple for a warm and inviting look. Or use pumpkin orange with periwinkle purple for a more festive look.

6. Purple and Brown

Purple and brown are both extremely rich, and deep colors that can be used in plenty of elegant and modern outfit combinations. For a classic look, use chocolate brown with royal purple, and if you are going for a modern look, try using espresso brown with lavender purple.

7. Purple and Gray

For a sleek and modern look, use charcoal gray with amethyst purple, or for a more classic look, try using silver gray with lavender purple.

8. Purple and Black

For a gothic look, use jet black with aubergine purple, or you can also consider using raven black with plum purple, which is one of the classiest and most modern shade combinations of purple and black.

9. Purple and White

For a romantic look, use ivory white with lavender purple, but if you want a modern outfit, use almond white with periwinkle purple which is an eye-catching color combination.

10. Purple and Gold

For a regal look, use old gold with royal purple, but if you have a special event or a night out, you should consider rose gold with plum purple, for a modern and classy look that will make everyone notice your outfit.

So when you’re ready to add a little purple to your next design, be sure to try out one of these combos. You’re sure to love the results.

Colors That Go With Dark Purple Clothes

One option is to choose colors that are in the same family as dark purple. This can create a cohesive and flattering look.

For example, you could pair dark purple with deep hues like navy, royal blue, or plum. You could also mix in lighter shades like lavender or lilac.

Another way to style dark purple clothing is to choose complementary colors, which are colors that are opposites on the color wheel. Due to the difference and contrast in tones, these are usually great color combinations for any outfit.

For dark purple, some good complementary colors include yellow, light green, or coral. Pairing complementary colors can create a bold and eye-catching look.

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Colors That Go With Light Purple Clothes

Light purple is a delicate, feminine color that can be combined with a variety of other colors to create different looks.

When choosing what colors to wear with light purple clothes, consider the overall tone you want to create. For a softer look, try pairing light purple with pastel colors like pink or baby blue.

To create a bold look and outfit, you should also consider more bright and vivid tonalities, such as yellow, and orange. And don’t forget about white and black, they’re always classics.

Colors That Don’t Go With Purple

Purple is not an easy color to combine in an outfit, especially depending on the tonality and whether or not the color is lighter or darker. Even some combinations might be great with purple, but it always depends on whether it is light or drank purple. If you’re trying to figure out what not to wear with your purple clothes, here’s a helpful guide.

Here are some colors to avoid when pairing with purple:


Green and purple are both very strong colors. When paired together, they can look a bit overwhelming. Stick to light greens if you must, but try to avoid anything too bright or bold.


Yellow is another color that can be tricky to pair with purple. It’s best to stay away from bright yellows, as they can clash with purple. Opt for a more subdued yellow, or even a lemon shade.


Orange is a difficult color to combine in an outfit, and combining it with purple can be a real hassle. Especially if the tonalities are very distinct and do not work very well together. If you’re determined to wear orange with purple, stick to a light, muted orange shade.


White can be a tricky color to pair with any color, but it definitely doesn’t go well with purple. Instead of looking fresh and airy, white can make purple look dull and drab.

What To Wear With Purple Dress To Wedding

Every woman knows that the wedding season is the perfect time to break out her best dresses. But if you don’t know what to wear with your purple dress to a wedding, you might feel a little lost.

Purple is a beautiful, regal color, but it can be tricky to style. Here are a few ideas to help you figure out the perfect ensemble for your next wedding.

If you’re wearing a light purple dress, pair it with nude shoes and accessories, as it will help you complete a super delicate and feminine look that is ideal for a summer or spring wedding.

If you are trying to go for a more distinct and dramatic outfit, go with dark purple accessories. Black shoes and a clutch will really make your dress pop.

If you want to add some extra sparkle to your outfit, try pairing your dress with silver or gold jewelry, and if you really want to make your outfit shine, and give an exotic and bold look you can consider colorful shoes.

Whether you are looking for a feminine and classy look or something a little more dramatic, there are all sorts of combinations and outfit ideas for your purple dress.

What Color Pants To Wear With Purple Shirt For Men

Choosing the appropriate colors, and combining them in an outfit is a form of art, and can improve your confidence and how your overall looks impact those around you. For men, it may be difficult to choose the right color of pants to go with a purple shirt, but thankfully we have the answers.

The best options for pants to wear with a purple shirt are either black or gray, because these colors are neutral and will combine very well with purple without stealing the spotlight. If you want to add a pop of color, you can try pairing the purple shirt with khaki pants or white jeans. Just keep in mind that when choosing the rest of your outfit you should stick to neutral colors.

Whenever you are doubting what colors to combine in an outfit, remember to always choose neutral colors, as those will often work better and give you a classier look. You can’t go wrong with black or gray pants when wearing a purple shirt. Just make sure that the overall look is cohesive and that the purple shirt is the star of the show.

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