Why Does My Cat Lay On My Clothes?

why does my cat lay on my clothes

Cats are notorious for sleeping in weird places like under beds, on the corner shelf, or right on top of the coat you just tossed on the bed. You may also find your feline lying in your full laundry basket or wherever you put your dirty clothes. The reason cats like to lay on your clothing may be simply because he misses you and you are not around or because your recently removed clothing is warm. Keep reading to find out more about why your cat lays on your clothes. 

Your Cat Misses You

First of all, your fur baby has a remarkable sense of smell. In fact, cats have over 200 million scent sensors. Human beings only have about five million. That means cats can smell 14 times better than their humans. When your feline misses you, he will look for you. But if he cannot find you, he will find something that smells like you. Whether this is your couch, bed, or the clothes you wore to the gym depends on your cat.

One way to prevent this is to keep your dirty clothing where your feline cannot get to them. Get a dirty laundry hamper with a secure lid to keep him out of it. But make sure you use it. If you toss your clothes on the bed or bathroom floor, he will still find them. 

To See Where You Have Been

Similarly, because your cat has such an awesome sense of smell, he can use that superpower to figure out where you have been. If you leave your jacket where he can get to it, you will probably find him sniffing it so he can see what your day was like. For instance, if you were visiting your Aunt Charlotte, who has a very friendly dog, your cat will really love sniffing that dog scent on your clothes. 

Cats are curious animals, and even if he is afraid of dogs, he is likely to spend a long time sniffing that scent on their clothing. You may also have been in a restaurant or bakery that smells like food. They can smell this and will likely enjoy getting into that scent. 

He is Feeling Insecure or Anxious

Your fur baby can get anxious or insecure for many reasons, such as his favorite human not being home all day or maybe he heard loud noises outside. In this case, the smell of your clothing can give them a sense of security. Even if it is not something you recently wore, your feline can smell your scent there. 

Separation anxiety is common in dogs but not so much in cats. However, your cat may be one of those pets that need to have you around. If that is the case, try getting them a bed with a blanket with your scent on it. Then, when you are not home, he can go to his bed and feel comforted. If your cat will not sleep in a cat bed, just leave your scented blanket wherever he typically lays down.

He is Marking His Favorite Human

If you have a male cat and he has not been neutered, you may find that not only does he lay on your clothing, but he also urinates on them. That is not because your fur baby is a bad cat. It is because males like to mark their territory. Especially if you have other male cats in the house, females and neutered cats will often rub their faces on your clothing to leave their scent. 

If you have this problem, it is best to neuter your cat or keep your clothing where he cannot get to it. Studies show that male cats that have been neutered are less likely to spray their scent than those that have not. It also reduces the risk of them getting certain cancers and other medical issues. 

Your Clothes Are Soft

You may notice that cats will sit or lay on top of just about anything, whether they are on the floor, table, couch, or bed. Try it. Put a shirt or blanket on the floor and guarantee your feline will end up lying on it eventually. Even on a comfy bed or couch, put a blanket or piece of clothing down, and they will choose to lay right on top of it. Why? Because it is comfortable. 

This is especially true when you are doing laundry. Those clothes that came right out of the dryer are warm, and cats love warmth. Even when it is not cold in your house, your feline will choose to cuddle up with something (or someone) warm. That is why you may find your kitty lying on top of the oven when you are baking or on that pizza box you just brought home. 

He Needs to Knead

Anyone who owns a cat knows that cats are constantly kneading anything soft they can find. Whether that is on top of you when you are sleeping, in your lap while you are watching television, or in the dirty clothes you left on the floor. Cats knead because it relaxes them, so it is completely natural. 

Kittens knead their momma when they are feeding, and they keep this habit forever. Kneading something soft reminds them of being contented and secure with their mommy. And if it smells like you, that is even better because your fur baby knows you are the one who takes care of them and feeds them. 

The bottom line is, cats like to be comfortable, they enjoy your scent, and they need to feel secure, just like humans. If you do not want your cat’s fur all over your clothing, keep them put away. Or you can just get a lint roller and let your cat lay on whatever he wants. He will probably end up doing that anyway. 

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