How To Become a Fashion Influencer Step-by-Step (With Tips)

How to become a fashion influencer

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The fashion industry is considered to be one of the biggest industries in the world. In fact, it has reached its peak during the past few years and has also dominated the market. Due to that reason, an increasing amount of aspiring fashion influencers has risen. But what does it take to become a fashion influencer? Today, we will guide you through the steps on how to become a fashion influencer

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What are the specific steps you need to take to become a fashion influencer?

1. Think of content material and decide on what you are committed to doing

Choose content that you visualize yourself in. Do you want to mix and match outfits? Do you want to review brands? Do you want to give fashion advice to your audience? Know what you want to show the world, but do not limit yourself.

2. Figure out your target audience. For whom are you creating content?

Analyzing your audience makes you aware of the individuals you want to connect with. Do you see yourself creating content for teenagers, adults, or maybe a little mix of both?

3. Pick a platform (YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, etc.)

In what format would you want your content to be? Do you wish to only upload photos? Will your content be better shown through videos?

4. Create social media accounts

Finally, create your social media accounts. It is practical to choose the main platform and use other platforms for content promotion.

5. Take photos and/or film videos of your outfits

Do your work. Make sure that it is not only fulfilling your goal in regards to creating content, but you should also make sure that you are enjoying what you are doing. Remember that the audience can see right through you and would appreciate and love you more for being transparent with them.

6. Upload your content to your social media accounts

Slingshotting your content into the internet may be a little worrisome. Know that even if not perfect, you have given your best efforts to show yourself and passion to the world. Use your other social media accounts to boost and promote your content. 

7. Look for content suggestions from the audience and evaluate their feedback

Not only are you creating content in order to let your creative juices flow, but you are also making them for the audience. Being knowledgeable about their comments and feedback is the key to building a good relationship with your audience.

8. Scout for possible sponsor/s, partner/s, or collaborators

Do not worry if brand collaborations are not coming your way. Most of the time, brands are waiting for content creators as well! Make yourself known and do the first move.

9. Plan out future content and have a schedule

It is very important to stick to a schedule in order to keep your followers and engagement numbers. Lay out your plans in a calendar and see what schedule works for you.

What do you need to become a fashion influencer?

Anyone could be a fashion influencer. But not everyone can be a GOOD fashion influencer. Take a gaze on this list if you wish to be one.

1. Social media accounts

Choosing which platforms that will target your audience the most is essential. Instagram and YouTube are the top platforms for fashion.

2. A smartphone

Your smartphone should not necessarily be the best of the bests in the market. One that has a good camera and is capable of carrying photo editing and/or a light video editing software is enough.

3. A good understanding of the trends

Creating fashion content is coupled with understanding what is in the fashion industry and how the audience perceives them.

4. A master list

Notes are necessary for a fashion influencer to oversee the factors that will affect being one. Factors include locations on where to shop for clothes and a calendar to oversee work schedules.

5. Passion and commitment

Being a fashion influencer does not exempt you from having bumps along the way. One must be capable of receiving the waves while committing to continue the work.

6. Connections

Connections do not necessarily mean big partnerships. It may also include making friends with other influencers as well, having content managers, and building a relationship with the audience.

7. Good clothes

Of course, sets of clothes are essential in order to build one’s aspiring content. They don’t necessarily need to be high-class and top-end.

Do you need to do a course or a degree to be a fashion influencer?

Since anyone that has a vision and an understanding of the fashion industry can become a fashion influencer, it is not necessarily a requirement to have a degree or a course to become one. However, taking one that is related to fashion has a large probability of boosting one’s knowledge and enhancing their strategies. Here is a list of degree programs that will certainly have an impact on one’s fashion blogging career.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Communications
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts
  • BA in Fashion Styling

What skills do you need to become a fashion influencer?

1. Knowledge about fashion, brands, and trends

As someone who is entering the fashion industry, it is a bare minimum requirement to be at least knowledgeable about existing trends in fashion. Not only would this be essential for creating content, but more especially, it allows the audience to trust you regarding fashion.

2. Social media knowledge

Knowing the trends and hashtags that are existing on social media platforms may help you in promoting your content. Make TikToks, or maybe make Instagram reels; it might give your content a boost!

3. Basic photo and video editing

Since the fashion industry is very reliant on proper lighting and good angles for clothes, a fashion influencer needs to be at least aware of what is pleasant to the eye.

4. Marketing

The responsibilities of a fashion influencer are not limited to creating content but also focus on one’s capabilities to put themselves in the spotlight.

5. Basic knowledge in search engine optimization

Know what keywords are often used in the fashion industry. What hashtags are on the top of the lists out there? Involve yourself with them, and see engagements in a snap.

6. Basic knowledge in sales and partnerships

Having experience and knowledge in creating collaborations may be of ease for a starting fashion influencer. Not only would you save time in learning it, but you can also make the most out of your contracts.

7. Planning skills

One key to being a successful influencer is always having a plan. Having bursts of ideas and taking note of them (even in simple lists) may be of help to your next plans! After that, you can create calendars and schedules.

Can you become a fashion influencer without money?

How to become a fashion influencer

Starting a new career may be one of the hardest things, especially without having tons of money to slingshot your way through. You would be needing starting money to buy clothes and shop for other essentials for the job. 

How to become a fashion influencer with no money

Making the most out of your current budget is the key to starting your career. Below is a list of tips to help you direct your path as a starting fashion influencer.

1. Go thrift shopping

Being patient while thrift shopping is worth it for there are unique pieces and high-end products out there!

2. Start small

You don’t need to fight the large sharks in the industry. Do your goals and set aside the worries of not reaching the top.

3. Partner with local/small companies

Not only is it more accessible, but doing so serves as a training ground. Promoting local businesses is a win too!

4. Make the most out of what you currently have

Little do you know, but your current wardrobe already has potential!

5. Boost basic outfits with accessories

Oftentimes, basic outfits are overlooked because yep you guessed it, they’re basic. However, good styling and accessorizing are certainly the key to flaunting them!

How much can I expect to make as a fashion influencer?

The expected income in regards to becoming a fashion influencer lies on a spectrum. For an instance, having 10,000 to 50,000 followers is estimated to generate $40,000 to $80,000 per year. However, factors such as having different brand partners and their reach play a role in one’s generated income.

What are the challenges in becoming a fashion influencer?

1. The challenge with flexibility

Since a fashion influencer does not have a regular 9-5 work time, it is predicted to have very flexible working hours. Although a challenge to some, it can be a good deal for most!

2. Having imposter syndrome

As easy as feeling insecure about how one looks, imposter syndrome can kick in at any moment, but there are ways of overcoming imposter syndrome. Instances like this serve as a good reminder for rewinding, meditating, and affirming one’s self.

3. Competition

With social media and the internet reaching more and more people as years go by, more individuals opt to start a social media-based career. It may be vicious, but it can also be a good environment for starting friendships and collaborations.

4. Bashers

Sometimes, the world can be a harsh place especially if you opt to put yourself out there in public. Know that although they are real people, they do not know you behind the camera.

5. Taking criticisms

Some criticisms can be said heavily. Take it with a grain of salt and view it as an opportunity for improvement.

Tips to become a successful fashion influencer

1. Make your feed and public posts as aesthetic as possible

The audience is drawn to an existing presentable and aesthetic feed. Having one is a secret to having free marketing.

2. Grow your audience

Expand. Try to experiment with your content and see if it fulfills both your goals and your creative freedom.

3. Stick to your niche. Be consistent with your content

Some audiences follow a certain influencer because of one certain reason. In this case, your content must be contented with fashion. Otherwise, should you wish to jump to another field, it may be best to create another account for that matter.

4. Draw out inspiration and do not limit yourself

Having everything planned out does not entirely mean that you are limiting yourself. Do some research and see what other influencers are doing. Maybe you would like to do them too! Just don’t forget to give them credit.

5. Be true to what you want to accomplish. Realign your purpose and your vision

Sometimes, the spotlight can differentiate your vision and may make you a people-pleaser. This can be a possible source of burnout. At least once a week, ask yourself if you are going in the right direction and if what you are doing is still making you happy.

6. Develop unique and outstanding content

Make twists with existing trends. Add your own touches to your content.

7. Learn trends and forecast them

Be on your toes and see what’s in and what is out in the industry. Know what is in demand and what trends can be amplified.

What other job roles can you pursue that are close to being a fashion influencer?

  • Modeling
  • Content curator
  • Fashion editor
  • Fashion blogger/writer
  • Social media influencer
  • Brand promoter

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