How To Choose the Best Makeup Bag: The Ultimate Guide

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The makeup bag or cosmetic case that houses your beloved liquid eyeliners, lipsticks, eyeshadows, and foundation brushes is arguably one of the most overlooked beauty purchases.  Whether you’re an organizer or carry lipsticks in your handbag, consider investing in a nice and reasonable cosmetic bag that will get you thrilled to delve in to create a new look.

Whatever category you fall into, we’ve compiled a list of the finest cosmetic bags to keep you looking and feeling your best when traveling.

Different Types of Makeup Bags

Small Makeup Bags: These are ideal for taking with you on the road because they are small and compact. They are large enough to accommodate cosmetic brushes, lip gloss, an eyelash curler, and other daily necessities.

Travel Size Bags: These are larger in size and store more than just cosmetics. They are also known as toiletry bags. Moisturizer, body spray, sunscreen, shampoo & conditioner, and other skincare items can be stored in them.

Professional: These provide the most storage and can accommodate all of the above and more. Duplicates of foundation, concealer, nail polish, and even hair styling products have plenty of room.

The Top 5 Makeup Bags for All Your Needs

If you only use a few essentials like powder, lipstick, and mascara, you may get by with a compact bag that fits conveniently on your vanity or in your purse. Here are some amazing suggestions that you can find almost everywhere.

Dagne Dover Large Hunter Neoprene Toiletry Bag

This is the Mary Poppins of cosmetic bags—just when you think it can’t possibly accommodate anything else, it does. There’s a mesh pocket on one side with three elastic loops for holding items like lip balm, roller scent, or razor. On the opposite side, there are two detachable pockets where you may put goods that could easily be misplaced or that you don’t want to get mixed up in the bigger bag.

Makeup Forever Professional Bag

Whether you’re a skilled cosmetics artist or simply have too many lipsticks and blushes, this bag will keep all your supplies organized and ready to go. The many pockets with mesh paneling make it simple to create looks, and the robust straps make travel easier.

Huda Beauty Wish-full Skincare Travel Bag

This bag has so much potential, in our humble opinion. While it’s designed for skincare, that only means you’ll have more room for makeup. The holographic substance is a great seller since it’s entertaining and simple to clean.

Kestrel Small Round Beauty Case

The Kestrel Small Round Beauty Case is a stunning under-$20 alternative, but that’s not the only reason we’re picking it up. This cylindrical cosmetic container, as the name indicates, is tiny enough to fit in your carry-on luggage, but its rounded edges allow for additional goods to fit within. This case also has compartments to keep your brushes and pencils safe.

Tartan + Twine Basics Black Train Case

Tartan + Twine’s traditional, no-frills railway case keeps things simple. Its boxy design makes it easy to store, and it features four nylon straps to hold delicate glass bottles in place. It also has a zippered compartment for brushes, liners, and other slimline supplies.

Sephora Collection Pack It All Organizer

This Sephora case is great since you can store it all together or use the inside pockets separately. It’s constructed of a soft mesh cloth that packs easily and features an elasticized brush roll to keep everything neatly stored. To avoid spillage, you can quickly separate liquids, creams, and powders.

Narwey Makeup Bag

Narwey’s basic, multifunctional purse is the perfect happy medium. It’s soft and compact, waterproof, and has one main area plus side pockets to store all of your essentials. While it’s ideal for cosmetics, you could also use it as a pencil bag, first aid kit, or sewing kit.

Things to Know Before You Buy your Makeup Bag

  • First and foremost, you must assess your requirements. Make certain that the cosmetics case you purchase is strong enough to survive travel. If you require a cosmetic bag for everyday usage, consider one that is large enough to hold your collection.
  • This is quite crucial. Quality should never be compromised. You require a high-quality, high-standard cosmetics case.
  • The cost may be high initially, but the durability will be worth it in the long term.
  • Having your signature cosmetics bag will undoubtedly influence your clients. You should pick an excellent bag since first impressions might endure a long time!
  • In general, if you want to travel, you should go with the more durable option: aluminum wheels.
  • If you like to stay in one location, a soft case might be a good choice as well. It is a lighter and less expensive solution.
  • Just make sure it’s constructed of robust materials to avoid defeating the point of having a case for your cosmetics collection.
  • It’s always a good idea to go for a bag or case that has pockets so you can keep organized. This may mean purchasing a smaller bag with only one or two interior compartments, or it could mean purchasing a full-size case with many compacts to truly organize your collection; no more searching through a dark purse for your favorite lipstick hidden at the bottom.

Take Away

Getting a cosmetics bag isn’t as simple as going to the mall and picking out the first thing you see. There is no need to hurry. Take a close look at your present cosmetics collection. Empty your purses, raid your restroom, and put everything out in plain sight. 

After you’ve determined how much storage space you truly require, you’ll have a better notion of which bag is most suited to your collection.

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