How To Choose the Right Earrings for Every Occasion


Did you know that earrings are one of the most ancient forms of jewellery? Ear piercing and adornment with diamonds or precious stones dated back to ancient Egypt and were popular among both men and women. Earrings are mostly used for self-expression nowadays, although they were utilized for different purposes in the past. Ear piercings were employed in early civilizations to quickly identify a person’s social rank, as well as the religion or tribe he belonged to.

There is a vast range of styles and designs on the market, ranging from timelessly stylish to modern and edgy, ranging from simple studs to ornate chandelier earrings and dangly drop earrings embellished with transparent, multicolored or black gemstones.

Jewelry in Ancient Times

The first known pieces of jewelry may be found in ancient towns in the Mediterranean and Iran, dating back roughly 6,000 years. These communities, like the ancient Egyptians who came after them, were the first to employ jewelry in its modern form. Their sculptures and royals were adorned with necklaces, bangles, headdresses, and other adornments. Most jewelry of the period was considered spiritual or religious, with many items featuring astrological or God-like motifs.

Jewelry is now more accessible than ever. Wearing a gold ring or a pearl necklace does not need you to be a king! Everyone nowadays has a plethora of options. There is something for everyone out there, from inexpensive diamonds to pricey showpiece earrings.

Types of Earrings

Continue reading to learn all you need to know about the world’s most popular jewelry kind. Following that, we’ll look at the numerous styles of earrings available today, closure types, ear piercings, and a brief history of earrings.

Drop Earrings

Drop earrings are embellished with gemstones, metal patterns, beads, pearls, or other types of decoration that hang from a hoop, post, or wire. Earrings with drops can be modest and delicate or dramatic and flamboyant. They come in a range of lengths, from short to shoulder-grazing. If you have short pixie hair, this will assist frame your face because your hair cannot. Simple, neutral-colored drop earrings may be worn to work, although bolder colors and shapes can complement more dramatic appearances.


If drop earrings are all about length, hoops are all about diameter. What fascinates us about hoops is that they are undoubtedly the most sophisticated of all earrings. The roots of hoop earrings may be traced back to ancient Africa, and their impact has spread throughout modern history. Because hoops are so adaptable, anyone may simply incorporate them into their style, tastes, and identity. Bring out your inner boho-chic by pairing your gold medium hoops on your next holiday.


Simple studs are ideal for office situations since they allow you to decorate in an attractive and trendy manner without being too loud or jeopardizing the “professional” appearance. Plain diamond studs, for example, are basic yet elegant, making them a sure bet. They also go well with any outfit and are simple and easy to put on for regular use. If you’re not sure what kind of earrings to wear, studs are always a safe bet.


Simple ones embrace the contours at the edge of your ear, and you may wear numerous pieces at once. Cuffs are not for everyday usage and are not for everyone. It often suggests a rebellious, edgy attitude, so unless you are one, this may not be for you.


Chandelier earrings are a form of drop earring that typically has intricate layers. Chandelier earrings are eye-catching and add drama and elegance to any ensemble. Chandelier earrings are frequently the ideal choice for both casual and formal situations. They’re also great for wearing with jeans if your top and shoes compliment the entire appearance.

Climber Earrings

Climber earrings, often known as ear climbers, are the polar opposite of dangle earrings. They do not dangle and instead go up the ear instead of down below the ear. Climber earrings may be dressed up or down for nearly any occasion. You may have something more fascinating than a plain stud without the extravagance of them dangling below your ears with climber earrings. Climber earrings are also non-obtrusive and may be used for regular activities.

You now know how to choose the best earrings for big events, informal situations, and everything in between. So, get out there and polish your outfit with the greatest earring style for any occasion!

Choose Earring According to the Shape of Your Face

  • Oval-faced women have foreheads that are as broad as their cheekbones. From the cheekbones to the chin, the oval face narrows. If you have this face shape, you are lucky since you can wear practically any earring type.
  • Long geometric earrings complement ladies with round features. Dangle and teardrop earrings are also excellent choices for elongating the face.
  • Faces with a rectangular form are longer than those with a square shape. Long dangling earrings can be worn to shorten the length of the face. Elongated teardrop dangle earrings will highlight the cheekbones and soften the look.
  • Square faces do not narrow considerably between the cheekbone and the jawline, nor between the cheekbone and the forehead. Dangling and hoop earrings with elongated designs complement square faces.

What Jewelry Means to You?

Many people wear jewelry that has special importance to them. Engagement and wedding bands are, of course, the most frequent instances of this. However, many people wear important objects such as family heirlooms in the form of necklaces, rings, earrings, and other accessories. These items become an extension of your personality and are frequently worn on a daily basis. You can really create the rest of your jewelry style around these items unless there’s a reason not to.

Earrings FAQ

What is the name of the rear of a stud earring?

Push backs, often known as ‘butterfly backs’ or simply ‘stopper,’ are used in stud earrings. Pushback is a little metallic element that is inserted into the earring post. Screw backs are occasionally used with fine jewelry studs for added protection. Certain studs have rubber backings rather than metallic ones.

What is the most common type of earring?

The most common form of earring is the stud. Studs are adaptable and suited for a broad range of situations and styles, including casual ensembles, workplace attire, evening wear, and bridal earrings. Fine jewelry pieces are also acceptable for sustainable fashion because of their timeless charm that transcends trends. Dangle earrings, hoop earrings, and cuffs are other popular earring styles.

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