Tips for Choosing a Handbag for Daily Use: An Easy Guide


Finding the perfect handbag may be tough, especially with such a large selection of luxury bags on the market nowadays. The options might be overwhelming when there are so many factors to consider, such as size, style, and function, as well as pricing, color, and finish. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to buying a new handbag:

Comfort Levels

Your handbag, like your outfits, has to be comfortable to wear. Make sure you choose a bag that is comfortable to carry around. Above all, you need to ensure that is both fashionable and practical.

We may fall in love with a handbag’s aesthetic, but if it isn’t comfortable to carry, you eventually get tired of carrying it around your shoulder all day long. Make sure that next time you buy a handbag, it is not only beautiful to look at but also practical and comfortable to wear. 

Handbag Material

When purchasing a handbag, one of the most important things to consider is the type of material it is made of. Synthetic materials are lighter and come in a wide range of qualities. You could discover some quite nice faux leather handbags if you take your time looking while shopping.

In hot weather, you may choose from canvas cloth, raffia, straw, bamboo, and various other materials for daily use. Consider durability and if they are likely to last in excellent condition when selecting among these light-weight fabrics, or whether you only want a stylish look to last a season or two.

Leather Real Vs. Fake

Many people are concerned about wearing real leather since it is manufactured from animal skin and hence is not a sustainable option. You can choose whether or not you want a leather bag.

Real leather has the disadvantage of being heavier to carry, than bags made out of fabric. Consider this when choosing your bag. So avoid leather purses if you do a lot of walking and don’t want a large weight hanging off your shoulder.

Match it With Your Body Type

Wearing a slouchy, rounded hobo bag might help you add curves to your physique if you’re tall and slender. If you’re short and curvy, use a tall and rectangular handbag or long and sleek to play off your petite figure. In general, the more structured your bag should be, the rounder your shape. 

That doesn’t mean you have to carry a big box about to balance out your feminine physique; soft leathers or fabrics in rectangular or square shapes would work. Wearing a large rectangular clutch bag would look fantastic on someone with curves.

Handbag Size

Another interesting tip is, if you are not carrying more than five things, then there is no need to carry a huge handbag. Before buying a new handbag, ask yourself, what must-haves are you carrying? Then choose a smaller bag; you’ll appreciate the freedom of not lugging your entire existence with you! 

If you want to store sunglasses, essential cosmetics, a small notebook, and perfume in your purse, you’ll need to go up in size. If you feel the need to bring everything with you, choose a tote bag with an internal compartment for easy access to important items.


Keep your expenses to a minimum. However, rather than getting a cheaper bag every year for five years, we recommend saving some money to get the best bag you can afford. Your investment bag should stay with you for at least two years, after which you may put it away for a time and bring it out again for a few years before passing it on.

handbag color

Which Color Handbag Should I Buy?

Black is a solid bet because it will always go with what you wear every day. However, if you have a particular base color that you usually wear, you may want to match or complement your fashion outfits. 

Ask yourself what your go-to color schemes are? This might include earth tones, soft orange, browns, beiges, cream, taupe, dark reds, and can be complemented with other tones.

Always consider your outfits, and how a bag might be used with those outfits. You may choose more exotic colors that will accentuate your outfit.

We suggest thinking about comfort, practicality, style, and size before you go shopping, and you should be able to locate exactly what you need in half the time!

What is the Different Type of Bags Available in the Market?

Here is a list of bags that you can consider while shopping.

  • A tote bag is an open-top bag with straps or handles. The tote bag is perfect for carrying basics and is a more comfortable and environmentally friendly alternative to wasteful shopping bags.
  • A crescent-shaped shoulder bag is known as a hobo bag. Structured, hobo-style purses with exaggerated curves are hot right now, and they were not going anywhere in 2021.
  • The clutch is a small, portable purse that may be carried in your hand or tucked under your arm.
  • The duffle is a tall shoulder bag with a larger opening on top. 
  • The messenger bag is a big, plush shoulder bag with a single long strap that is worn across the body.
  • The Kelly bag: A classic Hermes model named after Grace Kelly; a huge, structured handbag with characteristic hardware closures — it’s so one-of-a-kind that it deserves its own category.
  • The crossbody bag is a small bag that is supposed to be worn across the body on a long strap or chain.

Take Away

Spend time at a store trying on handbags in front of a mirror, just as you would clothing. Don’t be swayed by fashionable trends that aren’t flattering on you. There are plenty of excellent choices that will work best for your needs. Pick the one that will best suit your personality. 

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